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I once cracked my head open on a frozen chicken, top that... Also i was once hit by a parked car and i frequently walk into doors

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I just got up from another 12-hour-power-nap. I had a lot of my old recurring dreams, all kind of mashed up into one and what's odd is they kind of fit together a little too well... it is definitely strange that I remember it so clearly too. Throughout the body of this post, I explain segments of the dream that partially or completely match recurring dreams I used to have. These are the most unsettling parts of the dream to me because I have experienced them before well, I started out in a room with no doors or windows or lights (but somehow I could see) it was completely blank white
There were boxes slowly descending from the ceiling at random points, kind of like Tetris
[I used to have this dream like once every couple months between the ages of 4 and 6 and I always had this unshakable feeling that I was required to do something with the boxes but I could never figure out what it was, I would spend hours rearranging them as they continued to fill up the room until I broke down in a fit of frustrated rage. it was definitely not a good dream, every single time I had that dream I woke up with a start in a cold sweat.] this time was different though, I felt no inclination to do anything, I didn't care about the room or the boxes. As if knowing something was wrong, some people appeared out of nowhere. They looked familiar but I could not think of how I knew them. They wanted me to come with them, insisting that they knew the way out of this room. At the time, I was struggling with their vague familiarity they (there were three of them) had a mix-match of personality traits, preference of dress, mannerisms, and physical appearance of many friends past and present. The more I tried to figure out who they were the more confusing it was. I trusted them though because of their similarity to my friends. Before I knew what had happened we were suddenly crawling through a hole in the floor that had not previously been there. At first, I was glad to be out until I saw where I had ended up. I was in the middle of my dad's living room. Without explanation, my friends and I were now sitting watching TV. We sat there for a while and I tried talking to them but they sat unresponsive staring at the TV. suddenly the side door burst open (at my dad's the front door is permanently locked and sealed so we only use the side door leading from the carport) and some large guys in white lab coats rushed in and without a word beat the living shit out of me and my friends. Another person came through the door with plain white jumpsuits, strait jackets, and blindfolds. we were all forced into the jumpsuits and strait jackets[this is a bit of a pattern breaker in that this is the second time this has happened in a dream rather than one that has been recurring. the only difference is the in the original I was alone and after being beat into unconsciousness I cane to in a padded room with no door or lights ( similar to the Tetris room except padded) and already wearing the jumpsuit straitjacket combo. I was kept in this room seemingly forever and slowly descended into madness. I had this dream about 4 years ago but remember it very clearly because it really scared the shit out of me. when I woke up from it I was sitting on the couch exactly as I had been in the dream (presumably I had fallen asleep there while watching TV.] when suddenly I heard horrible snapping sounds coming from all over one of my friends body. Everyone stopped and watched him as he screamed in agony, writhing and fighting against the assailant (one of the lab coat guys who had been forcing him into one of the straight jacket) that tried to hold him still. As we all watched every bone in his body spontaneously splintered and began pressing outward into his skin stretching it out like tiny circus tents all over his body. suddenly he exploded with an insane force that sent his bone splinters flying like shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade.[ I had a dream about twice in one week where I witnessed this happening to random people throughout my high school. despite its graphic nature I remember being relatively unmoved by this otherwise shocking and seemingly random and impossible event.] the explosion splattered the entire room with steaming blood and viscera and the bone fragments that had been propelled all across the room had killed all but myself, one of the lab coat guys and one of my friends. The corpses of the others were stabbed and cut in dozens of places, sharp bits of bone embedded in their bodies. My surviving friend had a couple of wounds and had an expression of unspeakable horror frozen on his face. The surviving lab coat guy and myself had sustained only minor wounds (small scratches, superficial lacerations etc.). The lab coat guy shook immediately continued restraining me and quickly tie the blindfold around my eyes. Immediately I felt an infuriating tickling sensation over my entire body. i tried to laugh but it felt as if my lips were glued shut. I panicked and realized i could not force my eyes open or make even the tiniest peep or grunt. I became trapped in a world or utter silence, darkness and... Tickling. it felt as if I were being carried over someone's shoulder and my imagination ran wild trying to imagine exactly where I was going based on my estimate of where I was taken from and the direction I was moving. In my mind, I saw the rout I imagined I was being taken- over the kitchen sink, out the window, across the patio, over the front fence into the carport, and then out into the street. [interestingly enough when I was 5 I was witnessed sleep walking occasionally by my parents. I would emerge from my room, walk into the bathroom, piss all over the floor directly next to the toilet, then walk out into the living room and lay down on the couch. Every time I sleepwalked, I had this dream. It seems silly but this is easily the most terrified I have ever been in my life, imagine being deaf, blind and mute, being carried away to who knows where against your will. When I stopped sleepwalking, this dream ceased, about seven months after I started. as far as I know I have never done it since.] from there on the tickling sensation stopped and it felt like I had been put down. I stayed silent and motionless for a while. when I finally got up I was no longer bound by a straitjacket- though I was still wearing it but it seemed to have been cut so that I could free my arms the lab coat guy was nowhere to be seen as I removed the blindfold. There was more but since I have taken nearly two hours to write this, I have mostly forgotten it. Sorry... the rest involved two other dreams where I fell asleep in a tunnel after being chased by an enormous swarm of bees, awakening to find that my right arm had been torn off and was being eaten by a gigantic wolf [I had this dream a couple times in middle school.]. Then somehow reuniting with my surviving friend up on top of a giant skyscraper inside an enormous, elaborate, multi-level inflatable bouncy castle while throwing tennis balls at what I can only compare to Robotic Chargers from Left 4 dead 2 that are chasing and trying to "eliminate" us in what seems to be some kind of twisted game-show. [I have had this dream about four times over the course of my entire life all within a year or so of each other and still have made no sense of it]. Well, that's all I remember, except for one part I can't figure out where fits in. It involves me about to screw some chick in a Women's locker room when her boyfriend walks in and threatens to kill me... huh I wonder what that part means... oh well, sorry for the obscene length and disorganization of this but I was trying really hard to get it all written and explained before I forgot it. Any comments are welcome and if you got this far thanks for reading. I rather want to know what anyone can decipher from this unintelligible mess.

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